About Andie

Hello to everyone who has made their way to this page. I am a pretty average type of person but a few of the activities I am involved in are a little extraordinary. They make my life very interesting and full.

I make beautiful boutique products with marginalised women to raise money for their health care in my work role as a social entrepreneur. In my other work role I support street sex workers whose lives are controlled by addiction.

In my own time I create a range of products under the label ‘Andie – Made in Melbourne’, including boutique scarves and wheat bags.


This blog is not going to be about the sadness and heaviness of working with socially isolated people. Instead it is a celebration of what is wonderful and creative in the people I work with, but mostly about what is wonderful and creative in my own life – separate to my work. For me blogging is a place to escape and restore. A place to dream up new schemes and showcase the extraordinary talents of others. Food, parenting, art, craft, music… Let’s not put limits around the wonderful world of blogging.

I have two very gorgeous teenage footballers, who make me laugh and glow with pride.

In a previous life I taught art and textiles to teens, took tourists through tropical cave systems, counted state and federal votes on election days and even stood in goal squares on very cold winter days as a football umpire. Life is short and I believe in experiencing everything it offers so I can have no regrets when I one day lie on my deathbed.

I am a single mum, a Christian (hopefully not a weird one), a cynic and am clearly dysfunctional… What have I possibly got of value to share with the world? Oh well. Read on if you are curious.



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