Out And About: Wee Jeanie Cafe, Yarraville


I had ANOTHER lovely coffee at Wee Jeanie cafe in Yarraville the other day and thought it was time I shared their marvelousness. Because I have never had a bad coffee here. They have only just opened a brand new kitchen, which must extend what they are able to share in the way of food. But, if you read my blog, you would know my main focus is coffee. Right near the Yarraville station, in Melbourne’s Inner West, this is a lovely warm environment with in and outdoor seating, friendly, gifted barristas and a gorgeous wall mural painted by Jacqueline Smith, alias Shy Girl. Sorry Wee Jeanie, I stole the photo below from your Facebook page. What can I say? It was better than mine…12010563_1035549459822972_1797219768058990237_o


Street Art In My Neighbourhood: Michelle


I turned a corner in the village shopping precinct of Yarraville the other afternoon and saw this stencil of Michelle. It took me right back, a few years ago, when I had my first encounter with Michelle. I was working in a shop near the station, across from a park, and I heard wailing and crying followed by shouting and swearing. I rushed to the door to make sure everything was okay and all I saw was Michelle, sitting alone and cursing and shouting at whatever tormented her. She would come into the shop and browse the jewellery. She always picked out two or three pieces and then showed me she only had ten dollars. So the haggling would begin. I became fond of her and, over time, much less wary of her yelling and cursing. When she died, the whole village mourned. We miss you darling.