Opportunity Shopping: Latest Treasures

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Of course, being highly imaginative and now owning a quaint 1930’s cottage, I am thinking all things Australiana and Depression era. So my eyes boggled and my heart started pounding when I stumbled across these two green treasures.


Opportunity Shopping: Latest Finds


$11.00 later…

My awesome friend, Liz, suspects the glass vase has been glass blown by an artist because the lip of the vase is irregular in its finish. Love this piece! And who wouldn’t adore those cds? Love op-shops!

Eye Candy: Glass Plate Decorations

Yesterday one of my lovely friends and Greeves St. Project volunteer, Kathy, told me she is really excited about Glass Plate Flowers and she described the process of glueing Op Shop glass plate finds of various sizes together to create garden ornaments in the shape of flowers. I love cut glass and crystal and I love up-cycling, so it got me curious. I did a Pinterest search and found the following images – because, as usual, I am clearly the last to know about this new craze! I searched “glass” “plate” “garden” “upcycling”.

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Aren’t these just fabulous ideas? Thanks Kathy. X

Out And About: Hokey Pokey Vintage Emporium, Footscray

Stumbled across this incredible Vintage Emporium when out walking the other day. Footscray has become so interesting in recent years. Love my town! The Hokey Pokey Vintage Emporium is on Ballarat Road near the corner of Gordon Street, in a big old ammunitions factory space. IMG_0264 IMG_0262 IMG_0266 IMG_0268

Worth a look.

Opportunity Shopping: Western Suburbs, Melbourne

IMG_3597 (2)

Books that became movies – $6-00 for 6 books. I’ve already finished About A Boy by Nick Hornby. The book is a bit different to the movie, which is sad because the movie is one of my favourites.IMG_3601 (2)

This chainmail-styled necklace – $3-00! So cool.IMG_3607

Complete Retro set of anodised aluminium picnic cups – $20-00.

Out and About: Opportunity Shopping in Western Central Victoria


I scoured op-shops and antique emporiums on a road trip over the weekend, which took me as far as the beautiful Grampians. There are many bargains to be had in these parts of country Victoria. Do you like my new comfy chair? What about those fringes?

I was on a particular mission to source retro household items for an extremely exciting secret project – to be revealed very soon. I found just a couple of little things in vintage stores but the store owners are really committed to their collecting and have promised to call just as soon as they have sourced some colourful retro canisters. They were also able to enthusiastically advise me on my secret project. Stay tuned.


This sexy photograph is where I’m up to with my collecting. I stayed at the Halls Gap Eco YHA. It was really well run and had a range of environmentally sustainable features such as passive solar (concrete floors), 35cm thick rammed earth walls, solar hot water, water tanks, recycling stations and even free free-range eggs for guests.


I swear, tourists cannot be disappointed if they visit the Grampians. The wildlife is prolific and unafraid of crazy, trigger happy people. I stalked these two (and many others) with my Iphone.

IMG_3526 (2)

What Is The POINT Of A Casserole Dish Without A Lid?

IMG_3192 (2)

Two years ago there was a horrible night when I accidentally dropped the burning hot lid of my housemate’s mother’s vintage casserole dish. While she watched, it shattered into numerous shards across the kitchen floor. I could tell she was upset but she tried to let it slide. After all, she had broken one of my mum’s tiny coffee cups – a wedding present dating back to the early 60’s – in a manic dusting episode, not long before this night.

Since then, subconsciously, every time I fossick through opportunity shops I have been on a mission to replace the lid.

One recent Saturday morning I drove into my gym car park and I saw a Garage Sale sign. There were some great things such as vintage dress patterns and magazines but, as my eye scanned the loaded tables I saw it. Not just the lid but an original Monier Slow Cooker and another ceramic dish, just like my house mate’s. $15-00 and my search was over.

Coming soon – Experimental Wednesdays: Monier Slow Cooker BBQ Pork – watch this space!