Zombie Season Is Back On SBS 2. The Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 1.

I do appreciate zombie shows are not for everyone. But something about zombies totally captures my attention. The Walking Dead opens with a really (at least should be really) violent and politically incorrect scene. As she turns around Rick realises this is not any ordinary little girl, and he shoots the child zombie straight into the brain. She falls backwards, hitting the ground hard, and blood begins to flow out of the bullet wound onto the road. And I think this is the essence of why zombie fiction works for me – if you don’t kill them, they will kill you. So that makes horrific violence kinda okay. This show is not just entertaining, it is thrilling.


So Judge Me: I Am Addicted To The Almighty Johnsons

Some of the dialogue is very NZ specific and corny, but this series on Netflix has completely dazzled me. Funny, lots of twists and story line turns, and those adorable Kiwi ex-cents. Hey, at least I’m not addicted to The Bachelor!

So Judge Me #5: Brain Fry – No, I’m Not Talking About Some Exotic Recipe…

Ever since I became separated I have grown slowly more confident in my choices around television viewing. I had always been the one to cave in to pressure and ended up watching quality debates on reputable channels along with news reports and documentaries. Whilst I still enjoy the odd docco I have to confess I would rather watch Friends, Sex And The City, or My Strange Addiction. What has happened to me? Am I properly cooked? One of my recent faves has become The Walking Dead. I never had a clue there was a whole world out there equipped to face an apocalyptic invasion of the un-dead.

Here is the trailer for the pilot of my new favourite show, The Walking Dead:

Preparing to front a Zombie invasion is a concern for many people out there. I was fascinated to visit the Zombie Squad Elite and see all the survival packs available to the ordinary person.


This is for the mobility challenged. This model is known as the Deadly Wheels Ultimate Zombie Proof Wheelchair. My house mate had half a leg amputated when she was 11 years old and I can imagine her scooting around, 39 years later, over all terrains in this vehicle. Just smashing it. Love it.

Next show I intend to commit to, just as soon as I can afford the boxed set, is How I Met Your Mother. So judge me.