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Out And About With Andie: Beechworth, Victoria


My boys and I had such a great time in Beechworth over summer. Every where else it was hot, hot, hot, and it was pretty hot in Beechworth but, every night because of its elevation, the temperature was comfortably cool. Dan and I took a number of photos at this site, which captured our imagination. There is so much history in Beechworth, it being a Gold Rush town and having a jail where Ned Kelly was held, and all. but this empty paddock and its contents seemed frozen in time. IMG_3408 IMG_3399 IMG_3402Places to visit are the Bridge Road Brewers for Pizza, Beer and Cider. The Gluten Free Pizzas are awesome. The local opportunity shops are really good too. I bought a couple of little tops. Also, Beechworth Honey is a fun experience. My mum and I spent ages tasting all the different types of honey and eventually bought the Red Stringybark Honey for its deep, full, caramel tones. I couldn’t believe honey could taste so varied… just had to run off and eat a spoonful… divine.

8fb097f7c630f9bb4021a266dd7ed9d2We also HAD to visit the Beechworth Bakery (good to see they finally have some gluten free options {which I din’t indulge in} and, of course, Beechworth Sweet Co. where my boys went psycho and I practiced restraint.

Best coffee? I’ll be honest. Not a great choice even though there are heaps of cafes. I am so spoilt in Melbourne that I often can’t find a satisfying brew in the country. But, the best coffee in Beechworth, I would have to say is at the Blynnz Coffee Roasters – just depends who makes it.


All in all we had an amazing time away and it helped we were spending time with my awesome family. They are truly fun and terrific people.

I Want Some Crafting Equipment For Christmas


This is a brand new Printing Press for lino cuts and etchings. Mmmmm. Just imagine…


This is a little oven, which can be used to bake polymer clay. It would have to be used outside because the fumes are toxic but the scope of what you could make is limitless – jewellery, tiles, ornaments, buttons, etc.


I am not sure if this is a good camera or not but it would be great to be able to really play with photography outside of my Iphone (not that I am not grateful for my work phone). I love reading blogs, which showcase extraordinary photography.