Out And About: Wee Jeanie Cafe, Yarraville


I had ANOTHER lovely coffee at Wee Jeanie cafe in Yarraville the other day and thought it was time I shared their marvelousness. Because I have never had a bad coffee here. They have only just opened a brand new kitchen, which must extend what they are able to share in the way of food. But, if you read my blog, you would know my main focus is coffee. Right near the Yarraville station, in Melbourne’s Inner West, this is a lovely warm environment with in and outdoor seating, friendly, gifted barristas and a gorgeous wall mural painted by Jacqueline Smith, alias Shy Girl. Sorry Wee Jeanie, I stole the photo below from your Facebook page. What can I say? It was better than mine…12010563_1035549459822972_1797219768058990237_o


Out And About: 2 Days In Sydney And Cafe Con Leche, Surry Hills


Three years ago while in Sydney, after many failed attempts at finding an acceptable coffee, I stumbled upon Cafe Con Leche in Surry Hills. It is a tiny corner shop serving Columbian dishes and smooth-creamy-chocolatey-Arabican coffee. Phew! This time I didn’t muck around and my internal radar remembered exactly how to get my ass back down there. Lovely service and the coffee was as good as last time. Such a relief! Such a blessing! I have since discovered I am not alone in thinking this about Cafe Con Leche’s coffee. Reviewers consistently agree.  

The coffee is Columbian Connection a local roast using Columbian Arabica beans – single origin. Rob, my Cafe Con Leche barista, doesn’t think you can get this roast in Melbourne yet. Shame that!

The decor is South American with bright colours, Latino poster art, warm glowing pendants and shelves of South American packaged produce. I haven’t eaten there but the reviews are great. When in Sydney, Cafe Con Leche should be your coffee destination. Thanks Rob!

Out And About: East Elevation, Brunswick


I recently had a lovely day out with my friend Jamie. He found the day spa so I was assigned the task of tracking down what has to be the coolest space in Brunswick, East Elevation. It is a coffee shop, yes, but also a chocolate factory. Who would have thought?


Of course we had to try their hot chocolates, so I chose the chilli-choc version. It was perfectly hot, perfectly not-too-sweet and perfectly creamy. (Pictured below. Image from The Ultimate Hot Chocolate)

Ultimate Hot Chocolate

I tried the The Otway Pork Belly & Roasted Pears w/ Lentils, Cherry Tomatoes & Radicchio Salad. It was at the recommendation of the waiter and I thought it was divine. Jamie enjoyed Smoked Free Range Chicken and Wild Rice Salad.

Otway Pork Belly and Roasted Pears

The atmosphere here is warm but edgy-cool. The floor staff are extremely helpful and engaged and happy to be consulted on choices. The space is cavernous but filled with warm wood and industrial chic. Would I go back? Short answer? I already have.

East Elevation

351 Lygon Street

Brunswick east 3057


Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Sat-Sun 8.30am-5pm

(Kitchen closes one hour before cafe)

East Elevation

+61 3 9381 5575

Monsieur Truffe

+61 3 9380 4915

Out And About: The St Kilda Dispensary

The latest discovery to indulge my daily coffee addiction is The St Kilda Dispensary. Great coffee. I could stop there but the Dispensary meets so many more of my health care needs. There is a calming, fantasy-like atmosphere. Stepping inside the Dispensary is like stepping back to wartime St Kilda, with a theme of all things medical. Even the “URINE SAMPLES” cupboard in the toilet is a fine and authentic tribute to times past. I love the time-outness of this place. Kristy and Brad are the floor staff. They are friendly and consistent in their delivery of a perfect brew. They use Allpress, which I love.10410231_430521507116403_7891894389967115428_n Pictured above are Friday’s special. Doughnuts with your choice of jam, lemon curd or salted caramel filling. Pictured below is Kristy. The Dispensary is her brain child. Kristy’s background is in acting, which I believe has contributed to her understanding of creating the Dispensary’s authentic vintage yet playful atmosphere – there is no detail overlooked, from the paint colour on the walls, to the type font used on all their marketing materials. Apparently their customers have also contributed to the decor by donating original medical equipment and memorabilia.11036207_436089696559584_317874256098823722_n

the-dispensary-1 1401323272478But most amazing of all is that the St Kilda Dispensary Cafe, was once the actual St Kilda Dispensary (see picture below), a one stop health care clinic with doctors rooms upstairs and a pharmacy below. 11667403_431826846985869_2197565795787194532_nThanks for creating a space I love to visit. See ya both later today!

Out And About: Post Industrial Design And POD

IMG_0164Jess, Fi and Tim at POD (Post Industrial Design) are extremely serious about their food. They are forever plotting and planning and conspiring about the next big recipe. And guys? They are doing it for us! You gotta love them. And you gotta love their food. There should be total respect for their creative process, not just their amazing marriages of flavour, and the wonderfully warm atmosphere of the cafe itself. The coffee is great. As was my Breakfast Greens Salad, with goat’s cheese, thick cut bacon, poached egg and gluten free toast.

While you are there, wander through Mary’s shop and discover a range of new products, including my new favourite, Otto and Spike scarves.

Otto and Spike 2
Otto and Spike 3

Otto and Spike 4

Out and About With Andie: Mixed Business, Clifton Hill

_MG_9821 1

This is one of my favourite cafes in Melbourne, which I hardly ever get to. It is called Mixed Business and has that particular quality of coffee that causes me to have actual night time dreams, and to romanticise about how really good it was. Well, I had cause to go there again last week and was not disappointed.


In addition to the delicious coffee, the service was friendly and fast. I am loving this place! So when they brought me the ultimate All Day Breakfast, with amazing gluten free toast from Dench Bakers in North Fitzroy, I was extremely happy. Lovely, old-fashioned tomato chutney as an accompaniment, perfectly poached eggs, a gluten free rosemary and garlic hash brown, avocado and a squeeze of lemon? Extremely happy.


And don’t you just love their styling? This place ticks all of my boxes.