My Newest Aquisition: 1950’s (?) Dress Mannequin

IMG_0549 (1)I found this old dress making model at The Mill Markets in Ballarat. I love scouring The Mill Markets around Victoria. There is one in Daylesford, Geelong and Ballarat but I am most often at the Ballarat store these days. I think the model is Circa. 1950’s because it is the same finish and colour as my mum’s old sewing machine. ReRetro, You may be able to help with dates of old things?IMG_0559 I dressed the mannequin up in a gorgeous deep maroon fifties style dress and some new scarf fabric I found at the above store. This shop is a veritable gold mine of haberdashery and extremely affordable fabrics. It is called Eliza Fabrics, in Sunshine. Kind of don’t want to share the exact location… Mean spirited, hey? Oh. Alright! Eliza Fabrics.IMG_0560 But you can find some really interesting fabrics here. And I had to photograph their signage. Love Vietnamese signs! IMG_0563