Tomorrow Is Key Day!


Tomorrow is the settlement date for my first ever house purchase. This is a photo of one of the self contained apartments and is the space I am going to furnish first. (It comes unfurnished. This photo has just been taken off the website) It is a weird feeling – excitement mixed with the sobering reality of additional responsibility. But it is all go, go, go now. No turning back. photo (18)

Sorry about the quality of this pic but I wanted to share what I bought as a house warming gift to myself – a beautiful Art Deco, piecrust-edged, mirror etched with a Lyre Bird image. Classic. Hope you will share the journey and fun with me as I create a space filled with vintage loveliness, sourced from thrift shops and salvage stores. And I promise the quality of my photos will improve very soon.


1930’s Look Book

Just a few ideas for my new 1930’s cottage. More to come…

All images are from a Pinterest search using the search terms, “1930’s” “Cottage” “Design”