Two Days Leave


Life has been super busy recently so I took two days leave and FINALLY got to sew up this gorgeous fabric into two cushions.

The shop assistant at Kimono House in Swanston Street, Melbourne, told me this length of Obi fabric was woolen, but I suspect there may be a touch of silk in it too.



Up-cycling Silver Cutlery


I know this was a bit of a nineties thing, but I still love the vintage designs of these up-cycled pieces of cutlery. The delicate florals or the Deco graphics are really nostalgic for me. What do you think? Could there be an up-cycled cutlery revival?

Tomorrow Is Key Day!


Tomorrow is the settlement date for my first ever house purchase. This is a photo of one of the self contained apartments and is the space I am going to furnish first. (It comes unfurnished. This photo has just been taken off the website) It is a weird feeling – excitement mixed with the sobering reality of additional responsibility. But it is all go, go, go now. No turning back. photo (18)

Sorry about the quality of this pic but I wanted to share what I bought as a house warming gift to myself – a beautiful Art Deco, piecrust-edged, mirror etched with a Lyre Bird image. Classic. Hope you will share the journey and fun with me as I create a space filled with vintage loveliness, sourced from thrift shops and salvage stores. And I promise the quality of my photos will improve very soon.

Opportunity Shopping: Latest Treasures

photo 1 (6)photo 2 (8)

Of course, being highly imaginative and now owning a quaint 1930’s cottage, I am thinking all things Australiana and Depression era. So my eyes boggled and my heart started pounding when I stumbled across these two green treasures.

My Newest Aquisition: 1950’s (?) Dress Mannequin

IMG_0549 (1)I found this old dress making model at The Mill Markets in Ballarat. I love scouring The Mill Markets around Victoria. There is one in Daylesford, Geelong and Ballarat but I am most often at the Ballarat store these days. I think the model is Circa. 1950’s because it is the same finish and colour as my mum’s old sewing machine. ReRetro, You may be able to help with dates of old things?IMG_0559 I dressed the mannequin up in a gorgeous deep maroon fifties style dress and some new scarf fabric I found at the above store. This shop is a veritable gold mine of haberdashery and extremely affordable fabrics. It is called Eliza Fabrics, in Sunshine. Kind of don’t want to share the exact location… Mean spirited, hey? Oh. Alright! Eliza Fabrics.IMG_0560 But you can find some really interesting fabrics here. And I had to photograph their signage. Love Vietnamese signs! IMG_0563