Up-cycling Silver Cutlery


I know this was a bit of a nineties thing, but I still love the vintage designs of these up-cycled pieces of cutlery. The delicate florals or the Deco graphics are really nostalgic for me. What do you think? Could there be an up-cycled cutlery revival?


Opportunity Shopping: Latest Treasures

photo 1 (6)photo 2 (8)

Of course, being highly imaginative and now owning a quaint 1930’s cottage, I am thinking all things Australiana and Depression era. So my eyes boggled and my heart started pounding when I stumbled across these two green treasures.

Eye Candy: Glass Plate Decorations

Yesterday one of my lovely friends and Greeves St. Project volunteer, Kathy, told me she is really excited about Glass Plate Flowers and she described the process of glueing Op Shop glass plate finds of various sizes together to create garden ornaments in the shape of flowers. I love cut glass and crystal and I love up-cycling, so it got me curious. I did a Pinterest search and found the following images – because, as usual, I am clearly the last to know about this new craze! I searched “glass” “plate” “garden” “upcycling”.

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Aren’t these just fabulous ideas? Thanks Kathy. X

I Could Live Here: Gorgeous Kitchen

Found on Pinterest but the original source is woohome.com

What do I love?

I love the ceiling and the up-cycled rustic wooden island, the drawer handles and the appliances. Yummy. Wood and white, with accents in black are a classic combo. Always have a soft spot for painted pressed metal.

What would I be wearing?

This space is clearly a plush white bathrobe type of space. Accessories? fluffy, woolen scuffs.

I could live here

I Did It Myself: Sewing Machine Table Top


I bought power tools. I love my power tools. They have been sitting in their carry case on my bedroom floor for a few months but I had some time off work this week and decided to get cracking on this little project. IMG_0337

I found this Singer Sewing machine stand on the side of the road as I was driving past. I pulled up, backed up, tore the old, rotting bench off the stand and stooked the stand in the back of my car. Classic. IMG_0343A new Bunnings Warehouse opened up around the corner from where I live and I got them to measure up and cut a number of bench-tops for the caravan and, of course, for this little project. Loving it!