Can Crowd Funding Help Us Buy Sewing Machines?

Work meets personal life! But this project is too exciting not to share.

Greeves St.

Last Friday St Kilda Gatehouse launched a crowd funding campaign with LetsAct, an initiative of the Bendigo Bank. I am a risk averse individual, and crowd funding makes my blood pressure soar so, on Friday afternoon, after I pushed the ‘Launch’ button, it was lovely to go for a walk with one of the women who had already participated in the project. I asked her, “If you were to express to the world why learning to sew was important for you, what would you say?”. She didn’t even really think about it before she responded, “I didn’t believe I could learn to sew. You know that Andie. I had a real blockage there. So when I finally learned how to use a sewing machine it gave me so much confidence, that now I believe I can learn to do anything!” She continued, “And now I have so many ideas of…

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I loved Maison’s collection of beautiful textures and prints from other cultures. Thank you so much!

Maison Bentley Style


It’s rapidly heading towards crunch time for our proposed building works – the builder is coming to quote on Tuesday which means all the big structural decisions have been made.  Now thoughts can turn to the decorating..but rather than hoarding pictures of perfect rooms, I’m finding myself drawn to  the opulence and layering of faraway cultures…


(All photos from Pinterest)

Whatever happens…it’s going to be a journey.

Laters, Kate x

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So Judge Me…

Dear Readers,

My blog is my special place. It is my created world, a little compartmentalised safe and pretty world away from my broader reality. I don’t often allow my two worlds to collide but today I feel I need to ‘write out’ my feelings because I woke up so sad.

I have to go to court tomorrow and I don’t want to.

I have to go to court tomorrow to stand up before a judge to tell him I know what I am getting myself into by allowing a prisoner to use my home as his bail address. Clearly this is not something I would usually do. I have kids and my home is a creation as close in character to my blogging world that I can humanly make it. It is my sanctuary.

But this prisoner is my friend. And he is dying. He is so sick and he will not be with us next year. There is a chance he will not be with us in three months. I cannot bear the thought of him dying in such a hellish place as prison. He has lost so much weight and feels sick every day and he is so scared as the news he hears, and the test results he receives, just keep getting worse and worse. He has Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma. It is in his head and his neck and his shoulder and his lungs. He is so scared.

So what would you do? Everything in me is battling to find the right answer. Except that it is glaring me in the face. There is pretty much only one answer. But I don’t like it. I don’t feel grown up enough. I am so sad. So, please don’t judge me…

Actually, if you are a friend of mine and know my prisoner friend too, please contact me. There is a chance we will be needing you to keep him company over the next little while.

Love to you all and thanks for reading this, and hopefully for understanding,


(P.S. I am already not alone in my support for him as I have a terrific house mate who also works in a similar field to me so she knows, probably better than me, the right channels and etc. to pursue to support him.)

You Are Invited To Help Unlock Gatehouse


Last year we lost one of our precious women to violence and we realised keeping Gatehouse open for longer hours can help keep our women safer. Please join us next Thursday night to help make this dream a reality. You will be entitled to a 20% discount just because you read my blog!

Follow the link to buy your tickets and input the promotional code “friends” :

Out And About With Andie: Ararat Art Gallery

I had the wonderful and unanticipated pleasure of stumbling across this amazing exhibition of women’s textile art last weekend at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery. It was an eclectic display of their permanent collection and collections from other galleries.

Life's Full Circle by Lois Densham, 1983

Life’s Full Circle by Lois Densham, 1983



Ill-fitted Bride by Gorgia MacGuire, 2014

Ill-fitted Bride by Gorgia MacGuire, 2014

Let The Jungle In by Louise Saxton, 2013

Let The Jungle In by Louise Saxton, 2013

Victoria’s regional galleries often have extraordinary exhibitions and I will always stop by; otherwise I feel I am missing out!