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Opportunity Shopping: Latest Finds


$11.00 later…

My awesome friend, Liz, suspects the glass vase has been glass blown by an artist because the lip of the vase is irregular in its finish. Love this piece! And who wouldn’t adore those cds? Love op-shops!

Thanks To LetsAct You Can Pledge $25-00 To The Greeves St. Project And It Will Cost You Nothing!

Do You Want To Support The Greeves St Project? It Will Cost You Nothing!

Greeves St.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to https://letsact.com.au/projects/the-greeves-st-project/

2. Go to ‘Login’ at the top next to the search button.

Letsact2.jpgSign in/ create an account with your email or sign in with Facebook. Simply follow the prompts.

 letsact3.jpgHover over the arrow in the search bar to open the drop down bar. Select Impact Account.

letsact4. jpgRedeem your voucher with the code following code (uppercase): STKILDA

letsact6.jpgHead back into the project page and click Pledge Now.

LETSACT5.jpgScroll down to the bottom of the page to “Pledge”. Change the $1.00 in the “Amount” box to $25.00 Scroll the act balance all the way to the right to 100%, unless you wish to add your own donation to the $25-00 voucher, and hit PLEDGE NOW.

BIG thanks to LetAct for the $25-00 vouchers. Please help us buy sewing machines for our participants in the Greeves St. Project!

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Trial New Product: Up-cycled Jeans Baskets

Greeves St.

Jeans Pockets 1Jeans Pockets

Greeves St. is launching the sewing and small business program for our clients this Friday. We hope some of the women St Kilda Gatehouse works with will come along and have heaps of fun. One of the four wonderful volunteers, who will help keep the production of Greeves St. products flowing, has come up with this awesome product (above). We are all loving the little ethical up-cycled denim baskets. What do you think?

Not sure if we are going to make it, but our crowd funder is still running for another 26 days. To learn more go to: www.letsact.com.au/projects/the-greeves-st-project/

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44% And 32 Days To Go

Greeves St.

Andrea Andie Patchett's photo.
Andrea Andie Patchett's photo.

Thirteen women want to sign up for the sewing and small business project. Isn’t that fantastic? But we want to be able to give them a complete sewing kit! The Greeves St. Project crowd funder is nearly half way through and we are nearly half way there. A massive thanks to everyone who has pledged already. This week we are offering everyone who pledges $80-00, one of the St Kilda Gatehouse Swallow Tees, in your choice of size, cut and colour. Go to http://greevesst.bigcartel.com/ to check out your preference. You can message me once you know! Go to https://letsact.com.au/projects/the-greeves-st-project/… and please join with us to buy those sewing kits. 


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We Are One Third Of The Way There! If We Go Over Our Target Here Is Our Wish List:

We are 1/3 of the way there! Thanks to those who have already donated. XXX

Greeves St.

photoFirstly, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those donors who have already believed in this project. I was watching the LetsAct site featuring the Greeves St. Project, and the figures were beginning to creep up, and then pass $500, nearly a tenth of the target amount, when the site refreshed and a new figure of $2001 appeared. I could not believe it. We are now over a third of the way there with 54 days to go.

If we reach our target we will purchase quality sewing, craft and small business equipment for participants in the program, including:

  • Quick Unpicks, scissors, pins, needles, threads, embroidery hoops, needles and threads, taylor’s chalk, zips, self covering button sets, cross stitch fabric, storage container, screen for printing, pattern making equipment, metal ruler, cutting mat, fine liners and pencils, sketch book, interfacing, toy-fill and Spotlight voucher,
  • Sewing machine, upon…

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