Street Art In My (Other) Neighbourhood


I ran across this little beauty in my new neighbourhood. I love that people embellish and decorate, wherever they happen to be.


So Judge Me: I’m In Counseling

Today was counseling with Rosa. I go every two weeks and totally love the sessions. You think its strange to love owning up to being N.Q.R. ? (For non Australian readers this stands for Not Quite Right, our cut price supermarket chain.) But Rosa has this way of making me feel vindicated in my dysfunction… Of course you’re dysfunctional Andie! Any one would be under the same circumstances!… You know? That sort of thing. I love it. So you can imagine my horror when Rosa suggested I may not need her anymore? Don’t worry, I managed to convince her I was anything BUT emotionally sorted. I even managed to have a little teary, as I recounted a recent work incident. (I am not so manipulative that the tears weren’t real. Relax…) Actually, I truly found the prospect of not having someone to regularly download to, quite traumatic. All that aside, I wanted to share with you how my counseling is a total self-care package:

  • Upon arrival in North Melbourne, where Rosa’s rooms are, I find a longish parking spot, then wander down to one of my all time favourite coffee shops, De Bella. It is at 19-21 Leveson St in North Melbourne. They roast on site and have a variety of beans, which I sometimes purchase – always a Central or Southern American single origin, with chocolatey tones.¬†18c0afe83f4f88362b453cf9a8ce2dce
  • On my walk from the coffee shop to Rosa’s I love checking out how people have renovated Georgian and Victorian cottages and warehouses to suit their modern tastes and needs. There is a lot of brick, slate, iron and wood in the mix with modern architectural building materials. Massive eucalypts line the off grid, meandering streets, and native parrots sing and swoop as they play. There is some gorgeous street art along the way. I love Ghostpatrol’s big mural.IMG_0244
  • On my way back to my car, after counseling, I often window shop. My favourite shop window in North Melbourne is Martin Fella, an eclectic mix of modern and vintage collectable items.IMG_0247All in all, it is a big and satisfying day out for me. If you haven’t already thought of counseling, I can highly recommend you go. Consider it an investment in your mental health, which doesn’t strain your friendships, and which helps give you insights and a chance to download to someone who is paid to listen. I honestly don’t know why we aren’t all lining up… X

Street Art In My Neighbourhood


There has been a massive increase in the number of street artworks in my suburb. This one took my eye – a commemorative portrait of once Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, who died in March this year. This work is outside the Asylum Seeker’s Center in Footscray, Victoria.

This work was created by artist Heesco.