Only 43 days to go – and Gatehouse really needs your help! 

We have stalled at 37% of our overall target of $5,500, which is the budget to purchase 15 small business & sewing kits for women exiting street sex work.

As a mid campaign incentive Greeves St. will give a St Kilda Souvenir Cushion – hand screen printed, patch-worked with up-cycled denim and filled with down – to the next person who donates over $250 to the ​campaign.
Please go to the following link to discover the full range of great incentives you will receive when you donate to the Greeves St. Project, which empowers and teaches important skills to marginalised women.


Out and About: Moral Fair Ground @ Federation Square

I met my friend Kemmy in the city at Moral Fair Ground Ethical Market at Federation Square today. The weather was pretty inclement and windy. Big shame. I know many of the stall holders from other markets and events and it would have been great to have more foot traffic. But hey! There is still tomorrow, so try and get down there to support people who are doing their damndest to change the world. Great bunch…
IMG_3200 (2)

I want this radio! Completely hand built from a number of gorgeous sustainable Javanese timbers, the Magno Wooden Radio is a piece of fine art.

IMG_3202 (2)

Darling cinnamon Christmas decorations and trinkets made by villagers in Kenya for Afrikiko. Smelt like Christmas.


These handcrafted, ethical softies are made in Bangladesh for The Little Sparrow. Megan, one of the two founders of The Little Sparrow, is pictured below.



This is the Etiko stall where you can buy cool and ethically produced footwear, tees and underwear. Really edgy  designs.


Seven Women work with disadvantaged women in Nepal to produce a range of softie products. Volunteer, Laura (pictured below), is tireless in her support for Seven Women.



Designer Kaitlyn, (above) works in partnership with traditional carvers and potters in Bali for her initiative Koa. Loved her modern colours and designs!

Shhh! I did buy some things. I left Kemmy in the sustainable Eco food tent watching cooking demonstrations. She was so happy.

New Products for the Greeves St. Project







Pictured above are some of the new Greeves St. products. I have been teaching our clients how to sew and screen print and it has been truly rewarding for everyone involved. Sorry i have not blogged for so so long but my tags were not sticking to my posts for some reason – let’s see if the problem has fixed itself. Love to you all. A

So Judge Me #6 – My Son Did Work Experience At Gatehouse!


My oldest son was totally unprepared for his upcoming weeks of compulsory work experience. We had hooked up one week with a mechanic at Toyota, but he hadn’t shown a whole lot of gumption in arranging his second week of experience. So I suggested he spend the second week with me at Gatehouse. He flatly refused at first. But then, as the idea began to take form, and the empty week began to loom, he agreed.

He couldn’t eat breakfast on his first day. He was dreadfully nervous. And I guess I should have been a little more understanding as it is not a typical day for a school kid, to be hanging out in the heart of Melbourne’s Red Light district, with a bunch of women who work, and sometimes even sleep rough, there. However, I reminded my son that he has always visited prisons and helped support ex-offenders in the community, and that our women are pretty much the same, many of them having been prisoners in the past.

I had to run my son through our volunteer training program, and this is when I realised the unique opportunity which had presented itself to instill and reinforce in my son a respect for all women – a rare opportunity in this day of on-line pornography, continuing objectification of women, and extreme violence towards women which exists in our entrenched paternalistic society.

And then I took him across the road to the drop in centre. It was cosy on that cold June day. Food on the tables. Big inviting couches and smiling faces. Babies. Laughter. I saw my son begin to relate and relax. Gatehouse was working its unique magic on him.

He had a wonderful week. He encountered many people who warmly welcomed him. But, best of all, was the feedback I received from my son and from the clients. On his last day, as we walked away to our car, he said, “There really are so many good people in the world, aren’t there, mum?” Then yesterday, one of our women approached me and said, “You have done such a great job with your son. He was so polite and respectful. I wouldn’t expect that from a teen-aged boy. And…” she added with a cheeky smile, “…he’s very good looking.”


Road Trip Through Central Victoria

IMG_2233I spent an exhausting day yesterday, visiting a number of small country towns to try and sell Greeves St. project products for work. I met a number of really enthusiastic shop owners who will order our Christmas range later in the year. I had to eat, of course, so found myself having an all day breakfast in the picturesque and cosy town of Trentham at a cafe called Chaplins. Was okay but I found it quite overpriced for something I could do better myself at home. $5-00 for a side of avocado and plain old generic brand of GF toast. Friendly people though.



Then, a few doors down, I met the lovely Sharon – part owner of Kuki, a brand new home wares and fashion store.

KukiDefinitely worth a look. Down the road was this artistically laid out store called…IMG_2238

Seriously sexy store. Take a look inside:


From there on to Kyneton to a lovely store called Echidna where the shop owner made a direct purchase. It is a really beautiful and ethical store. They mostly design woolen products and get them made fair trade overseas.



From there onto Maldon, Woodend and Castlemaine, where I stayed with my oldest friend (she is not old – I have known her forever) in her lovely new home in the hills near Castlemaine. I was made to feel like an absolute precious guest. Thank you Janey. X



This Is What Has Been Keeping Me Busy…

IMG_2182IMG_2194IMG_2189I know it is work, but who wouldn’t love their work if it looked like this? I have been madly packaging and creating stock for our new Greeves St. range for this year. Emily Treganowan designed the St Kilda screen print and a big thanks to Cath, Sarah, Helen, Brett, Cassy and Roz for stuffin’ them lil’ stars ‘n stuff, and to Liz Dansie, for helping me choose a balanced range of new fabrics.