Up-cycling Silver Cutlery


I know this was a bit of a nineties thing, but I still love the vintage designs of these up-cycled pieces of cutlery. The delicate florals or the Deco graphics are really nostalgic for me. What do you think? Could there be an up-cycled cutlery revival?


Rubber Stamping To Make My Own Fabric

photo 1 (1)

I have always wanted to make my own fabric so wrote it into a course as a module for the women I work with. Which means actually learning how to do it!

  1. Design your rubber stamp. You can draw your design straight onto the rubber and then carve out the negative space around your lines.
  2. Carve out your design using lino cutting tools.
  3. Using a roller for a consistent cover, roll fabric paint or ink onto the rubber stamp and stamp your design onto fabric. The paint I used seeped into the fabric and then you had to heat set it with an iron to make it washable.
  4. And vuala! Beautiful fabric, ready to sew.

photo 2 (1)photo 3

Handmade Gift Tags

I started getting excited about possibly creating a range of handmade gift tags so began googling some ideas:
craftsy anthropologie icedvovo Crafty Pagan Designs Etsy Its Always Rueten
Crafty Pagan Etsy littlehappythings1 Ninainvorm uguisu store blogspot tanithsoddsandends etsy seasonal delights style hive on Etsy Not on the High Street RetroCowboy3 charlieandgrace blogspot true love's kiss valentine gift tags vintage photo diy rookno17-003Click on each image to find out more…


Out and About: Open Studios – Maze & Vale


I was nearly home from my run, slowing to a cool-down walking pace, when I stumbled across the beautiful printmaking studio of Maze & Vale yesterday morning.


Leslie Keating was lovely and welcoming and didn’t seem to mind a bit about my persistent questioning over screen-printing techniques (technical problems I had been experiencing with the Greeves St Project).

Leslie has been crafting for many years. First, in her country of origin, Canada, where she made leather journal covers, and now, in Australia, screen-printing and block printing onto fabric, which she sews into quilts, toys, and other projects. Her Scandinavian influenced fabrics have been hand printed onto sustainable natural materials and are available as panels or by the metre for crafters.


Maze and Vale is open tomorrow, Saturday the 29th of November, as part of Maribyrnong’s Open Studios event, which is running over this whole weekend.

Email leslie@mazeandvale.com

Post Maze & Vale PO Box 155 Kingsville VIC 3012 Australia

Facebook //www.facebook.com/mazeandvale


New Products for the Greeves St. Project







Pictured above are some of the new Greeves St. products. I have been teaching our clients how to sew and screen print and it has been truly rewarding for everyone involved. Sorry i have not blogged for so so long but my tags were not sticking to my posts for some reason – let’s see if the problem has fixed itself. Love to you all. A


So Excited – Have Just Been Tinkering With Big Cartel For Work

I have been working on developing an on line shop for my work at St Kilda Gatehouse. You are invited… Just click on the picture below:

Big Cartel



Post Industrial Design – Yummy Mummy Mother’s Day Catalog



The beautiful Brittany models one of my scarves outside Post Industrial Design in West Footscray for their Mother’s Day ┬ácatalog