Taking Things Into Your Own Hands

I remember how funny it was, when my boys were still at kindergarten, to see the occasional little girl with an odd asymmetrical haircut. One day they would be adorable, neat, clean, symmetrical miniatures of their mums, but with lace-frilled ankle socks and wispy piggy tails, and the next day they would turn up to kindy, equally well dressed but with monster hair – ragged and choppy. Of course the little version had played hairdressers and now the horrified mum needed to explain the cute travesty to anyone who would listen.

Fast forward 10 years – they say boys develop more slowly than girls – and my 14 year old decides to cut his own hair.


Okay, so that’s not actually him. There was some other overly confident teen in this world who went down the same pathway in life. Truth was, when I first saw my own son’s hair, I went into shock and just had to fix things up!

Just now I went on a Google search and found a whole lot of little folk who took the scissors into their own hands.










Up-cycling Silver Cutlery


I know this was a bit of a nineties thing, but I still love the vintage designs of these up-cycled pieces of cutlery. The delicate florals or the Deco graphics are really nostalgic for me. What do you think? Could there be an up-cycled cutlery revival?

So Judge Me: I Feel Naked In A Swim Suit!

Being forty something brings a lot of self acceptance, and the theory that you feel more comfortable in your own skin is absolutely spot on – except when it comes time to wear a swimsuit in public places. Yep, there just are more lumps and droopy bits than there used to be and my instinct is to COVER UP! So I scoured Pinterest and Google Images for swimsuits I can imagine feeling just that little bit more comfortable in. Let me know what you think…


51hsQjyJw9L._AC_UL320_SR252,320_ Conservative-Modest-Junior-Girls-font-b-Swimsuit-b-font-font-b-Tankini-b-font-Dress-Summer womens-board-font-b-shorts-b-font-font-b-one-b-font-font-b-piece-b in-style-swimwear-goddess-maillot


Incredibly Cool Bed Linen From Society6

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Society6 works with a myriad of artists to create extremely desirable homewares. Check out the link to get your fill of eye candy.


New Etsy Shop: Scarves By Andie


At last! A proper online Etsy shop space. Please come visit Scarves By Andie. I will be working on developing the space as I get time leading up to Christmas, so please be patient. I also want to thank Mary at Post Industrial Design for allowing me to use her photos of my scarves on the site.


All my scarves are handmade in Melbourne in my dining room at home. I have a particular OCD tendency when it comes to finish, so expect near perfection! My scarves are light weight and could be the perfect gift for somone special, who is far away – I’m thinking postage here…

To be chosen to be made into an Andie scarf, the fabric needs to tick a few boxes. It has to be lightweight, soft and flowing and there needs to be either an historical or cultural reference point Рsomething only Andie can determine!

Andie is influenced by fashion eras of the 20th Century, Japanese patterns and anything modern and fresh. Think Art Deco, the 1960’s through to the 1980’s and think Scandinavian Modern.

Hope you love the new shop. Thanks for taking a look.


Gorgeous Grey!

Charlize-Theron-Short-Hair-Style-Women-Short-Wavy-Haircuts-2015 d0dc47845b600303adc79927931186c5

Mature woman turning head, eyes closed, close-up

grey-hair Jamie-Lee-Curtis-with-grey-hair Stylish-Medium-Curls Medium-Straight-Haircuts-with-Side-Bangs MTI3NDM4ODMxNTk4MTg1MDkx

mature woman standing with grey hairI have these dye resistant wiry grey hairs at my temples and am not sure I am ready to let them win my personal war on aging. But, when I see how utterly gorgeous grey hair looks on the women here, I am forced to consider my next hair colouring move – without such a grave sense of fear and foreboding.


Eye Candy: Lovely Vintage Lingerie




580655907705cd225795b466db80809a232d3e10be80a77f591f301232b58d2a42842a1570e49678496607c158725311d642a341f54f4b63f7afdb4a98ef63e86f4f500229d2744e95f1c41c59a4f504938de785538f7fc038ddd170599b782eAll these images were found on Pinterest under Vintage Lingerie