My Mother’s Pearls of Wisdom

It is school holidays and both my boys have said how much they would like to visit Grandma.

IMG_3120 (2)

Grandma lives about an hour’s drive from our home but the trip is always worth it, in their estimation, because they get a lot of laughs. Grandad is Grandma’s comedic foil. I’ll admit, it is fun.

This time we couldn’t coordinate both my boys so we decided to see Grandma and Grandad in two separate trips. I drove my 16 year old and his girlfriend down the freeway on Wednesday afternoon.

There was a serious moment in their sitting room, as Grandma reflected upon the recent passing of a family member and the unforgiveness that died along with her. My son and his girlfriend were listening with half their attention devoted to electronic devices. Grandma suddenly demanded their full attention and said, “Demitri.? Maddie? I want you to know how important it is to forgive the people in your lives. People will always sin against you but it is not worth dying without forgiveness in your heart.” She paused as the magnitude and significance of her wisdom could sink in. The kids stared reflectively and seriously at the lounge room walls. Then she added, “And never take Ice (meth).”