Out And About: Western Bulldogs Versus Carlton

Every time I’ve been to Etihad Stadium has been a great experience. Last night was another brilliant stand out event. I went to buy the tickets for the kids and me when the lady behind the perspex window drew close and whispered, “Who do you barrack for?” When I responded, “Carlton.” She asked if we wanted to get our seats upgraded for no extra charge. Okaaay. Why not? Clearly Carlton’s dedicated fan district needed plumping. So we ended up five rows from the ringside and right behind the goals near the Carlton Cheer Squad. It was a blast! You could virtually smell the sweat and feel the clash of the opponent’s impact – sound effects and all. My stranger neighbour was so excited after one snapped Carlton goal (Go The Blues!) I ended up with his mouth residue (a blob of frothy saliva) on my jeans. Awesome. If you never go to the footy you absolutely have to get down to Etihad Stadium!IMG_0351 IMG_0353