Two Days Leave


Life has been super busy recently so I took two days leave and FINALLY got to sew up this gorgeous fabric into two cushions.

The shop assistant at Kimono House in Swanston Street, Melbourne, told me this length of Obi fabric was woolen, but I suspect there may be a touch of silk in it too.



Taking Things Into Your Own Hands

I remember how funny it was, when my boys were still at kindergarten, to see the occasional little girl with an odd asymmetrical haircut. One day they would be adorable, neat, clean, symmetrical miniatures of their mums, but with lace-frilled ankle socks and wispy piggy tails, and the next day they would turn up to kindy, equally well dressed but with monster hair – ragged and choppy. Of course the little version had played hairdressers and now the horrified mum needed to explain the cute travesty to anyone who would listen.

Fast forward 10 years – they say boys develop more slowly than girls – and my 14 year old decides to cut his own hair.


Okay, so that’s not actually him. There was some other overly confident teen in this world who went down the same pathway in life. Truth was, when I first saw my own son’s hair, I went into shock and just had to fix things up!

Just now I went on a Google search and found a whole lot of little folk who took the scissors into their own hands.









I Did It Myself: Sewing Machine Table Top


I bought power tools. I love my power tools. They have been sitting in their carry case on my bedroom floor for a few months but I had some time off work this week and decided to get cracking on this little project. IMG_0337

I found this Singer Sewing machine stand on the side of the road as I was driving past. I pulled up, backed up, tore the old, rotting bench off the stand and stooked the stand in the back of my car. Classic. IMG_0343A new Bunnings Warehouse opened up around the corner from where I live and I got them to measure up and cut a number of bench-tops for the caravan and, of course, for this little project. Loving it!