Up-cycling Silver Cutlery


I know this was a bit of a nineties thing, but I still love the vintage designs of these up-cycled pieces of cutlery. The delicate florals or the Deco graphics are really nostalgic for me. What do you think? Could there be an up-cycled cutlery revival?


9 thoughts on “Up-cycling Silver Cutlery

    • I should actually have noted that the images I found are from Pinterest. I’m really bad at that. And don’t you just love Etsy, Danka Zee? Incidentally, what is your preferred name? X

  1. I have a ring made from a spoon and love it. I bought it from a stall at my local craft fair. That stall is always the busiest. People can’t get enough of her silver cutlery jewellery. 🙂

    • Well, there you go! I think the consensus is silver cutlery jewellery is not a daggy (Australian term loosely translated meaning twee or too cute) thing, which should be left back in the nineties. But I am liking the pieces which are a combo of semi precious beads and highly polished silver. XXX

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