Opportunity Shopping: Latest Treasures

photo 1 (6)photo 2 (8)

Of course, being highly imaginative and now owning a quaint 1930’s cottage, I am thinking all things Australiana and Depression era. So my eyes boggled and my heart started pounding when I stumbled across these two green treasures.


5 thoughts on “Opportunity Shopping: Latest Treasures

    • If you are not Australian you may not know this is called a meat safe, which was hung from a tree or inside, where it is cooler, to keep the flies off the precious meat. Very, very Australian! We have LOTS of flies. X

      • In the US they used similar containers for baked goods, but they were either small just to fit a loaf of bread or large to store other stuff as well. The flies are pretty much all over the world. I would have not guessed that it was used for meat. Thank you for your answer.

      • I love antique and vintage stuff myself. I am trying to limit myself to dolls only nowadays. It’s very easy to run out of space.

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