So Judge Me: I Feel Naked In A Swim Suit!

Being forty something brings a lot of self acceptance, and the theory that you feel more comfortable in your own skin is absolutely spot on – except when it comes time to wear a swimsuit in public places. Yep, there just are more lumps and droopy bits than there used to be and my instinct is to COVER UP! So I scoured Pinterest and Google Images for swimsuits I can imagine feeling just that little bit more comfortable in. Let me know what you think…


51hsQjyJw9L._AC_UL320_SR252,320_ Conservative-Modest-Junior-Girls-font-b-Swimsuit-b-font-font-b-Tankini-b-font-Dress-Summer womens-board-font-b-shorts-b-font-font-b-one-b-font-font-b-piece-b in-style-swimwear-goddess-maillot


8 thoughts on “So Judge Me: I Feel Naked In A Swim Suit!

  1. Anything with a short leg gets my vote. I am far past forty, now, but about then switched over to wearing women’s board shorts with a tankini top and have never looked back. Board shorts are super comfortable, practical (key pocket!), come in all manner of pretty prints and never, ever crawl up your bum.

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