Thanks To LetsAct You Can Pledge $25-00 To The Greeves St. Project And It Will Cost You Nothing!

Do You Want To Support The Greeves St Project? It Will Cost You Nothing!

Greeves St.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to

2. Go to ‘Login’ at the top next to the search button.

Letsact2.jpgSign in/ create an account with your email or sign in with Facebook. Simply follow the prompts.

 letsact3.jpgHover over the arrow in the search bar to open the drop down bar. Select Impact Account.

letsact4. jpgRedeem your voucher with the code following code (uppercase): STKILDA

letsact6.jpgHead back into the project page and click Pledge Now.

LETSACT5.jpgScroll down to the bottom of the page to “Pledge”. Change the $1.00 in the “Amount” box to $25.00 Scroll the act balance all the way to the right to 100%, unless you wish to add your own donation to the $25-00 voucher, and hit PLEDGE NOW.

BIG thanks to LetAct for the $25-00 vouchers. Please help us buy sewing machines for our participants in the Greeves St. Project!

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