Out And About: The St Kilda Dispensary

The latest discovery to indulge my daily coffee addiction is The St Kilda Dispensary. Great coffee. I could stop there but the Dispensary meets so many more of my health care needs. There is a calming, fantasy-like atmosphere. Stepping inside the Dispensary is like stepping back to wartime St Kilda, with a theme of all things medical. Even the “URINE SAMPLES” cupboard in the toilet is a fine and authentic tribute to times past. I love the time-outness of this place. Kristy and Brad are the floor staff. They are friendly and consistent in their delivery of a perfect brew. They use Allpress, which I love.10410231_430521507116403_7891894389967115428_n Pictured above are Friday’s special. Doughnuts with your choice of jam, lemon curd or salted caramel filling. Pictured below is Kristy. The Dispensary is her brain child. Kristy’s background is in acting, which I believe has contributed to her understanding of creating the Dispensary’s authentic vintage yet playful atmosphere – there is no detail overlooked, from the paint colour on the walls, to the type font used on all their marketing materials. Apparently their customers have also contributed to the decor by donating original medical equipment and memorabilia.11036207_436089696559584_317874256098823722_n

the-dispensary-1 1401323272478But most amazing of all is that the St Kilda Dispensary Cafe, was once the actual St Kilda Dispensary (see picture below), a one stop health care clinic with doctors rooms upstairs and a pharmacy below. 11667403_431826846985869_2197565795787194532_nThanks for creating a space I love to visit. See ya both later today!


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