The Principal’s Award

IMG_0269Raising teenage boys is an odyssey characterised by eruptions of grumpy old-man-likeness, managing and attempting to budge lumps of human mass, struck immobile by extreme inertia, and unexpected, fresh, humourous reflections on life. Boys are dopey, tender and fun. And, thank God, they are wired to adore and protect their mums.

Demitri (pictured above with black eye) is strangely hard working and extremely lazy. I have watched him through the drive through window at his workplace and he is a gun! Yet I’ve tried to get him out of bed many times to get ready for school and it is bloody hard work. And homework? What is….? So, when he came home from school and announced he had won a Principal’s award we went through that whole process. You know? We looked long and hard into each other’s eyes while we tried to make sense of this news. I guess you’d call it the shock phase. Then the funny side of the situation struck us both and we doubled over with mirth, both believing some bizarre mistake had occured. Honestly? After that I put the whole episode behind me.

One day Demitri came home with a certificate.

Certificate Demitri_edited-1

Yep. We still both think it is very funny.

Love that kid.


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