Out and About: 45 Downstairs, Flinders Lane

My artist friend, Larissa MacFarlane, invited me to 45 Downstairs on Tuesday night for the opening of an emerging artists award exhibition. I was blown away by some of the works! But sadly not in a good way.

Why so unimpressed? Okay. Well now. How do I put this? First, let me say there were a few pieces, which I have pictured below, that were interesting and beautiful and well executed, and art is very subjective anyways. Right?


IMG_0317 (2)IMG_0307IMG_0308 (2) IMG_0306IMG_0315 (2) IMG_0309IMG_0311 (2) IMG_0313IMG_0314 (2)But for me, walking into this exhibition was like marking year 10 high school student folios. Some of the compositions were too busy and undefined with no focal point, too unformed and ill-considered, underdeveloped, too influenced by current fashion and design trends, too unimaginative and lacking in personal style, but, in my opinion, worst of all, technically unfinished! I saw raw canvas and pencil marks and sloppy, clunky paint strokes. This is in such contrast to some graduate shows I have been to in the past where rising stars are clearly identifiable and where careers have been birthed. Sorry guys. I know encouragement would be kinder, but this was not a charity fair. It was an art award! Sad, sad face.


2 thoughts on “Out and About: 45 Downstairs, Flinders Lane

  1. Great to see an honest account. All to often I walk away from exhibitions underwhelmed and saddened. Saddened that technique and execution often comes in a poor second to the concept. Fine art is, after all, is a visual medium!

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