Food Teenagers Love To Eat: Chicken and Mayo Wrap

IMG_0120 (2)

Another low FODMAPS recipe for teens. My son loved this wrap and it could easily travel as a school lunch idea. There are Low FODMAPS wraps on the market and in Australia they are beginning to bear the following new identifying symbol:

download (3)

For our wrap though, we used gluten free – just means my son and I can have the same food, yeah?


1 chicken breast fillet, cut into bite-sized chunks

1-2 tablespoons maize cornflour

2 crumbled Massel “7’s” chicken stock cubes

1 teaspoon dried thyme

1 teaspoon dried smokey paprika

Garlic infused olive oil

Butter lettuce, shredded or torn

Grated hard yellow cheese

Tomato, sliced

I added a hot chilli sauce to mine (check labels)

Whole egg mayonnaise (Milk/lactose free. Read labels!)

Low FODMAPS or gluten free wrap


Place cornflour, stock cubes, thyme and smokey paprika in a freezer bag and shake to mix. Add the chicken chunks. Shake to coat the chicken in the spice mix. Heat the garlic infused oil in a heavy based frypan and fry the chicken until golden brown. Put the lid on the pan for the last minute of cooking to ensure the chicken is cooked through. Lay out the mayo, cheese, lettuce, tomato and chicken onto your wrap of choice. So, so yummy.

Your best low FODMAPS friends:

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