Favourite Movies: About A Boy

10 things I love about this movie:

  1. Hugh Grant is extremely convincing as a self absorbed, emotionally unavailable ass-hole. Just saying…
  2. Nearly all my favourite movies are about connection and community.
  3. The dialogue is extremely funny. The sense of timing and the comic delivery I can not fault.
  4. The dialogue and narrative is also extremely insightful and reflects real-life human behaviour and experience.
  5. The characters are well drawn and unique and you feel you know them.
  6. Toni Colette is awesome (I met her down Chapel St. once. She asked me the time and we shared an eye to eye significant moment where she waited for me to recognise her.)
  7. There are three extraordinary scenes, which fill me with anticipation and delight every single time I watch the movie; the dead duck scene, the scene where Will asks Marcus how things are going with Marcus’ mum, Fiona, and the school performance scene (not in the original story, but still a stroke of genius).
  8. The costumes. I.e. fluffy jumpers.
  9. The overall premise that “Man is not an Island” and how this is explored and developed through the two main characters, Will and Marcus.
  10. Marcus. What a little star. What a performance.

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