What Is The POINT Of A Casserole Dish Without A Lid?

IMG_3192 (2)

Two years ago there was a horrible night when I accidentally dropped the burning hot lid of my housemate’s mother’s vintage casserole dish. While she watched, it shattered into numerous shards across the kitchen floor. I could tell she was upset but she tried to let it slide. After all, she had broken one of my mum’s tiny coffee cups – a wedding present dating back to the early 60’s – in a manic dusting episode, not long before this night.

Since then, subconsciously, every time I fossick through opportunity shops I have been on a mission to replace the lid.

One recent Saturday morning I drove into my gym car park and I saw a Garage Sale sign. There were some great things such as vintage dress patterns and magazines but, as my eye scanned the loaded tables I saw it. Not just the lid but an original Monier Slow Cooker and another ceramic dish, just like my house mate’s. $15-00 and my search was over.

Coming soon – Experimental Wednesdays: Monier Slow Cooker BBQ Pork – watch this space!


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