Up-Cycling Plastic


Beautiful up-cycled buttons, bowls, and petals (pictured here) are all made from plastic bottles by Gülnur Özdağlar.


Stephanie Huffaker from Brooklyn, New York, up-cycles plastic bags to create wonderful bracelets and bangels.

Supercyclers Sydney

Supercyclers in Sydney have created some gorgeous freestyle forms out of recycled plastic.

I couldn’t help sharing this wonderful sculpture made out of whole bottles. It is on Botafogo Beach, Rio De Janeiro, commissioned by the United Nations for a conference on sustainable development.

botafogo_beach-550x366 giant-fish-made-from-plastic-bottles-rio20-botafogo-beach-1

Perhaps less process intensive but equally creative is this plastic spoon chandelier.


Kulla Design, based in Israel, up-cycle plastic and sawdust to create adorable lamp shades, a little reminiscent of Bakelite plastic.


Mana Bernandes makes an exquisite range of high end jewelry out of used plastic and sawdust.



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