My Big Night Out, Part 3: Naked For Satan

Before we go any further we need to get one thing straight. There are VERY few people I would actually get naked for. Maybe a female medical practitioner every two years (if I’m honest, it would be more like every three), and…and… Hmm, let me think about this… I believe I entered the world that way. So there is no way I would get naked for Satan. We clear? Not this bible believing, God fearing, forty five year old, (cough), sagging chick.
IMG_2095IMG_2096IMG_2097Now we have that sorted… You know how a place and all the people in it can sometimes feel just way too cool for you to be intensely and eagerly taking photographs? You don’t want people thinking that you don’t get out much. But I wanted to be taking photos around every corner of this place. It was super cool. And, the truth be known, I don’t get out much. So, in an effort to contain my trigger happiness, I settled for taking photos in the relative seclusion of the bathroom. Yep. The bathroom. These photos are of the women’s bathroom at Naked For Satan. I will have to leave the rest of the décor to your imagination because, I’ll admit, I was too gutless to shoot all the fifties wallpaper collages of semi-naked pin-up girls and boys in full view of the largely young and hipster clientèle.

The whole experience of NFS was wonderful. As I wandered, wide-eyed, around the cavernous spaces, waiting for my friend, Jane, I experienced visual delight everywhere I looked.


(Not my photo)

Jane finally rang. She was already upstairs in the roof top bar. When I found her – the dimensions of this place are immense – she could not contain her laughter as she shared how she had told her workmates she was taking her Christian friend to Naked For Satan. He, he, he. Yep. Very funny.

So I will end this tale with an anecdote that every middle-aged woman will appreciate. It involves a 30 something barman, a sideways twinkly, slow, flirtatious smile and a little splash of extra top-up wine – our little secret.


(Not my photo)

Great service, extraordinary styling (reason enough to check this place out), amazing views from the rooftop and nice food at fair prices. All in all a great place for a big night out.

Why the name Naked For Satan? Go to the following link for the full story?


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