Brunswick Coffee Shops x 2: The Surprise Finds

IMG_2185I had heard of Code Black Coffee house and had particularly admired their décor and quirky marketing, so I was determined to sample the real product last week, when fabric shopping with Liz. Liz doesn’t drink coffee at all so I want to say a special thanks to her for allowing me to trawl cafes when we are out together. Thank you Liz. Anyways, Code Black is an incredibly cool place with a very masculine, hard edge industrial ambience. I liked their coffee but it took AGES and I even had to remind the dudes of our order. Beautiful choclatey tones but a little too cold for my personal taste. Very small cups. Then Liz and I ventured across the way from our all time favourite fabric store, GJs, to the East Brunswick Project coffee shop and struck gold.IMG_2241

Great, friendly service, catered for Gluten Free, had lovely juicy focacias for the Gluten Tolerant (Liz rated them 8 out of 10), and even offered your choice of sparkling water (at no cost) or still water. Never encountered such awesomeness in a cafe before. Great coffee. Will always go back.



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