Road Trip Through Central Victoria

IMG_2233I spent an exhausting day yesterday, visiting a number of small country towns to try and sell Greeves St. project products for work. I met a number of really enthusiastic shop owners who will order our Christmas range later in the year. I had to eat, of course, so found myself having an all day breakfast in the picturesque and cosy town of Trentham at a cafe called Chaplins. Was okay but I found it quite overpriced for something I could do better myself at home. $5-00 for a side of avocado and plain old generic brand of GF toast. Friendly people though.



Then, a few doors down, I met the lovely Sharon – part owner of Kuki, a brand new home wares and fashion store.

KukiDefinitely worth a look. Down the road was this artistically laid out store called…IMG_2238

Seriously sexy store. Take a look inside:


From there on to Kyneton to a lovely store called Echidna where the shop owner made a direct purchase. It is a really beautiful and ethical store. They mostly design woolen products and get them made fair trade overseas.



From there onto Maldon, Woodend and Castlemaine, where I stayed with my oldest friend (she is not old – I have known her forever) in her lovely new home in the hills near Castlemaine. I was made to feel like an absolute precious guest. Thank you Janey. X




3 thoughts on “Road Trip Through Central Victoria

  1. That is a bit rude about Chaplin’s but I guess you must be honest for a proper review. I am a ‘local’ and get my coffee there all the time,…you complained about the price…you should have looked just a little harder for the places that that charge for the locals and not the tourists.

    • I’m sorry. I never mean to be rude. When you are a Coeliac and get charged extra for gluten free, though, you expect something other than run of the mill supermarket bread. X

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