My Big Night Out, Part 2.

IMG_2100Okay. So the whole point of going out was an exhibition opening. And free wine. And to check out Larissa MacFarlane’s latest etchings. And free wine. And to scout for potential contributors to my work project, the Greeves St. social enterprise. And free wine. And to see my friend, Jane (Graphic Artist and old high-school friend extraordinaire). And… you guessed it. How do you like the owl etching above? It is by printmaker Sheridan Jones who prints onto paper then creates intricate sculpted birds.

I also really liked works by Damon Kowarsky. Still, pensive, figures stark against a muted background – almost hard edge in their contrast. I thought of Gauguin probably because of the suggestion of tropical foliage. Nice.

IMG_2140Then, of course there were new images by David Frazer, Chris Ingham and Larissa MacFarlane. All in all the exhibition showcased around forty printmakers. Tacit Contemporary Art Space is in Johnson Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne and the Editions exhibition is running until March the 3rd. Whilst I loved most of the represented artist’s works I didn’t get too excited because there were a number of pieces which seemed a bit too mainstream popular and nearly, almost, twee. But definitely worth a look. Sorry, I think the free wine is all gone.

IMG_2117Walk Away, an etching by David Frazer. Beautiful.


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