Creating A Home With Next To Nothing

When I left my home, I took virtually nothing with me. It was a huge challenge to create a new space for my boys, which needed to feel established, warm and homely, amidst the turmoil and strangeness of our new life. Keeping my eyes open I was able to find some true bargains at our local opportunity shops and even out on the streets, where I found gorgeous pieces for free.  IMG_2049

This old wardrobe has a beautiful patina and feels solid and strong. It came from Vinnies in Newport and cost $350


This is an extendible leaf table, which I found at the Salvos in Sunshine for $140.

This was a beaten up, dirt covered sign (no where near a building site or road works), which was upside down in a gutter, down a side street. I was satisfied it belonged to no one.IMG_2061

This was in a pile of rubbish on the side of the road. The original table top had rotted so I plan to clean it up and put a new thick plywood top on it.IMG_2060

They are a little feminine, but I found these two wrought iron repro beds at the Salvo Store in Footscray for $100. Bargain. I ‘boy’ them up with industrial elements, bright accents and black and white quilt coversIMG_2062

This old reel was on its way to the dump when I salvaged it off the top of a trailer in Footscray. It makes a very cool coffee table for the back verandah.IMG_2063This soft leather couch is my latest acquisition. I bought it last week at the Braybrook Salvos for $125, including delivery. These pieces of furniture are all personality pieces, which we unify with white walls, white light fixtures and white modern furniture, mostly from Ikea and Freedom, such as the Expedit bookshelf.


2 thoughts on “Creating A Home With Next To Nothing

  1. Oh you’ve got a real gift for treasure in the rough! Do you know about the vintage shop on of corner Geelong Road and Barkly Street? Also….
    down Geelong road, about 5 km from Footscray….well at least no further than 5 km…there’s an op shop with unbelievably low-priced , good quality second hand furniture. I love a good find! I got a 4- set of vintage (50’s) chairs for 80 dollars last year from the one on the corners of Geelong, Barkly.

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