I Am Loving Larissa MacFarlane


the meeting place of our life lines webMacFarlane_L_sometimes the wrong way is the right way-web

I have admired Larissa MacFarlane’s work for a long time now – ever since I first spotted it for sale on the walls of a local cafe. I already knew Larissa having met her through a  mutual friend and had no idea she was the artist. I am glad I put two and two together and, with genuine admiration, could tell Larissa how much I loved her work. You see, I can’t lie about these things. I might be setting myself up for war, but if I don’t like a piece of art, I won’t say anything. I am not good at the B.S.

Larissa’s work is sometimes whimsical and sketchy and sometimes bold and graphic as she uses a range of printmaking techniques which determine these stylistic variations. Her themes seem to focus on journeys and aloneness. There are often inner city, industrial influences and her most recent body of work, black and white lino cuts, focusses on train tracks and city scapes. Controlled, balanced and stark, yet curvy and purposeful. I am loving Larissa MacFarlane!


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