Back To School


The boys went back to school, and I… went shopping.


The truth is I had to do it. Yesterday, in the searing 40+ heat my old bomb finally lost the plot. She wasn’t pretty but I could forgive the pock marks created by a wild weather hail storm four years ago. And, I’ll be completely honest with you, I am terrible at parking and have been know to hit stationary objects like pylons and letter boxes, so my poor old car was not just aesthetically challenged but had a few scars from a few… ahmmm… incidents. But yesterday? When the dials on my dashboard went off dancing with the fairies, bouncing from zero to their true readings, and I had no idea of what speed I was travelling, I realised dementia had set in and it was time to ring the retirement home for old decrepit cars. And, as is with the rhythm of life, I now have a new baby on the way, ready for delivery next Tuesday.


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