I’m Back! Well Not Quite At Home. This Is Port Fairy…

Hey there. After travelling a full three hours to pick up my computer I am back. It was just too difficult to blog from my phone. Happy new Year.

The three hours brought me to a picturesque seaside town in Victoria called Port Fairy where I am camping for a week with my family. Not sure, but I believe it once may have been known as Belfast because there are old signs on very, very old – by Australian standards anyhow – buildings which are built in the Georgian style, with ‘Belfast’ on them. Note: just checked good old Wiki and sure enough, between the 1840’s and 1850’s Port Fairy was renamed Belfast because of some solicitor dude with some pull, whose home town was Belfast, The houses have tiny, multi-paned windows, quaint decorative doorways and heavy, thick walls made from local stone.IMG_1913

It is an extremely pretty town attracting fishermen and sailors and families.

IMG_1878While I was exploring I noticed a bunch of people photographing something in the water. So I took my own pics.



  Gorgeous frolicking seal.

This morning I woke up with the birds and to a very awful silhouette. One I always dread. It was nestled between my tent fly and the inner tent shell.


This, my readers, is one of the few times you really need a man – or a can of Mortein. I am going to the supermarket as soon as it opens! Thanks dad.

We are looking forward to exploring the galleries and shops a bit later even though it is going to hit 40 degrees Celsius. It is too hot for the beach today. Way too hot.



4 thoughts on “I’m Back! Well Not Quite At Home. This Is Port Fairy…

  1. Thank you for the follow, it’s very encouraging.

    and…………. please don’t kill spiders, they are amazing creatures…. I know they are a bit scary but they do a good job. The next time a fly gets into your house or a mozzie bites you think of the spider that someone killed, he might have saved you that discomfort.

      • Love might be asking a bit much but respect is possible. The fellow in your photo does not spin a web but, next time you are wandering around your garden late in the day, stop and watch one of those amazing ‘orb weavers’ [most countries have them] building their web. They rebuild almost everyday……. it’s amazing to watch. The more you watch them the less frightening they become.
        Be well.

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