Ethical Christmas Presents

I remember a couple of Christmases ago, watching the wrap fly through the air and the mass produced ‘Made in China’ expensive gifts emerge. This might sound selfish and mean spirited but, when I opened my own gift, I was staggered that the giver knew so little about me (after 20 years), that she would give me a ‘Made in China’ factory produced souvenir boomerang! Either that or she just hated me, yeah? I almost felt physically ill that this wonderful anniversary of hope and love entering the world had become so empty. So I decided I never wanted my Christmases to be meaningless again and I have endeavoured since to buy locally made gifts, ethical gifts or handmade gifts, which at least mean a whole lot to me and the people who produced them. Hope you like the following ideas from Connected Goods, Dharma Door,  and One World Projects. Click on the pictures to check out their pages.






Kantha Quilt Connected

Connected salad servers

Canvas Wine Gift Bag Connected


Waxed Canvas reusable lunch bag Connected


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