What Was He Thinking?

IMG_1671I know this is a terrible photo. Sorry. I was trying to document a strange phenomenon which occurs in my house every Saturday. The phenomenon goes unnamed as I am almost sure such behaviour has never been observed anywhere ever before in any culture or throughout any era in history. It is only by luck I was able to capture a shimmery glimpse of this strangeness today on my Iphone. The situation I am trying to describe is my nearly teenage boy wearing school uniform on Saturdays. Every week we have an altercation over it. I say, “You hate school! Why are you wearing your school uniform? Its Saturday! I can’t take you out looking like that.”  Reply? “Hrumph.”

If I hadn’t photographed him I doubt you would have believed it could be true.

Post script: Late in the afternoon – same day as photograph – I was able to convince him into taking a bath and washing his whiffy, greasy, pubescent self. When he alighted from the bathroom, all shiny, fragrant and easy to love, guess what he was still wearing???


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