Handmade Christmas Decorations


I thought I would compile a collection of images off the internet of the beautiful Handmade Christmas Decorations people are making. Most of them look do-able for the moderately capable. I am not a very ‘blingy’ type of gal, so I hope you enjoy a more pared down selection.creative_ideas_for_great_homemade_christmas_decorations_640_04Handmade-Ceramic-Christmas-Decorations-by-Kylie-JohnsonHandmade-Christmas-Ornaments-Floral-Balldecoration-ideas-creative-chocolate-handmade-christmas-decorations-in-elegant-log-table-design-ideas-29-awesome-christmas-decorating-ideas-for-the-officeoriginal_Handmade_Vintage_Paper_Christmas_Heart_Decoration1318005463_music_decorationsIMG_1114These little Christmas Trees have been made as part of my social enterprise project, working with very marginalised women who engage in street sex work in Melbourne, Australia. We have been selling them to retailers, at markets, on-line and to our supporters. Retailers have been gobbling them up. One said to me, and she was truly indignant, “Andie, I keep telling people about your women and the social enterprise, but they don’t seem to care. They just want the trees without the story.” She reported though, that one of her customers was buying a tree and after she told the customer the story behind the tree, the customer went back and bought five! I was rapt! If people love the product, and buy because they love it, then it is only a bonus if they also read the swing tag story and feel good about helping a worthy cause.



2 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Decorations

    • Hi Johnna,

      We have made the white, air-drying clay shapes just using clay, cookie cutters, a straw for the hole and twine. They look beautiful! But generally we trial
      and error our way to success. Hint? Google, google, google. Good luck!

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