Food Teenagers Love To Eat: Lemon Slice

lemon-slice-stacked1Ok, to be completely honest, I love to eat this one too. But being a Coeliac means a few small modifications to the ingredients. In Australia you can buy Arnott’s Rice Cookies. Because the cookies have a largish component of coconut in them and the recipe already asks for coconut, I would use fewer cookies and add some almond meal to make up the weight difference. It is a slice that should be eaten quite quickly as the butter icing can become dry if stored a couple of days in the refrigerator , but yu-um. At our house it doesn’t usually last that long.

Lemon Slice Biscuit Base:

125 grams butter

1/2 a tin of sweetened condensed milk

1 cup of dessicated coconut

250 gram packet of Arnott’s Marie biscuits, crushed                                                    (Gluten Free Note: substitute Marie biscuits with 2/3’s Arnott’s Rice Cookies and 1/3 almond meal. Next time I make this gluten free I will try 1/2 Artnott’s Rice Cookies and 1/2 Leda Gingernut Cookies.)

Juice and rind of one lemon

Melt butter and add condensed milk. Stir in other ingredients and press firmly into a paper lined slab tin (approx. 24cm x 24cm). Put in refrigerator to cool. Ice with lemon icing and cut into squares.

Lemon Icing:

Lemon juice from 1/2 to 1 lemon (and rind if so inclined)

1 teaspoon of soft butter

Approximately 1 cup of pure icing sugar – add more if the icing is too runny

Mix all ingredients together and whip until fluffy and light.


3 thoughts on “Food Teenagers Love To Eat: Lemon Slice

      • That’s such a hard call for me to make – I LOVE making cheesecakes, but as far as meals go I make a lot of really tasty curry dishes.

        You seem to enjoy a lot of asian inspired and curry dishes too 🙂 I’m sure I’m going to find some new things to try that you’ve made.

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