So Judge Me #3: Testing God or Laying Down a Fleece?

Shelley Craft…

I need to explain… there was once a ‘So Judge Me #2’ but I took the post down after I was, indeed, judged. So in a kind of tribute to that posting I have skipped to #3 anyway. It is also a reminder to myself that I need to stand strong in my resolve to allow others to judge me -it is usually their problem projected on to me anyway! I’m just not that controversial.

So what has all this got to do with Shelley Craft? Nothing. But isn’t she beautiful? I always liked her but now I have a new respect for her because she is willing to champion causes I am passionate about too, like our little social enterprise at St Kilda Gatehouse. She popped in yesterday with a Channel 9 crew to film another great organisation, Oz Harvest, donating rescued food to Gatehouse. Of course I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without dressing her in one of our products. Sorry Shelley. You were really good about it.

But it got me thinking that so much is happening with the enterprise that perhaps God is right there in the midst of it, enjoying the growing momentum and excitement as much as the rest of us. We made over $1700 in sales at an event on Sunday, I got to photograph many awesome and lovely well known musical people in our swallow tees, and then Shelley drops in on Tuesday. So I talked to God about it this morning. I said, ‘Well now God. Seems like you are right on board with this project? Feels like it anyway?’ (You all have to understand, when your marriage breaks down and there are tough times, it can be difficult to feel that God is on your side because you feel like a bit of a failure. Kind of like you’ve let the team down.)

And then I laid it all out. I said, ‘God, we need another graphic designer on the team. Jane has done an awesome job but I don’t want to overload her so the work stops being fun. I would really like R to come on board. She has a great sense of style and I think she has the skills we need. If you are, as I feel you are, on board with this project, could you make her be at the coffee shop when I go there this morning? Thanks.’

Okay. So was that a test? I don’t even care. All I knew was I hadn’t seen R for over a year and so it was highly improbable she would be down at the coffee shop this morning. Then I kind of forgot all about it.


Until I went to get my morning’s strong skinny latte from Craig at West48 and I hear someone say, ‘Hi Andie.’

I truly had not seen R for over a year, I had thought about her that same morning, put out the thoughts to God, and there she was! What do you all think?


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