Teaching Boys to Cook

What teenage boy doesn’t love to eat? And, in warning to all you mothers of still-little boys,  they will soon be eating a mountain of food every day. Recently I decided if they want to eat so very much they need to learn to prepare food too. We had a few discussions around learning to cook and I invited them a number of times to, “Come and see how to make a smoothie, boys.” Amazing how busy boys, who spend way too much time sitting down watching screens, can suddenly be! Also amazing is, when I went on a food preparation strike in support of the cause, how little food they could actually survive upon.


So I had to laugh last Sunday, which was Father’s Day, when I returned home after a lovely dinner out with my dad, to my two boys sitting in front of the television amidst a half eaten feast of Indian take away containers. They had spent the day with their dad so I assumed he had shouted them the banquet. “Wow, look at all this food! Who got this for you?” “We don’t know, mum. This guy just knocked on the door and gave it to us.” Mystifying. So I checked the receipt and, sure enough, the delivery address was that of our next door neighbours. Pre-paid. Our kids feel so entitled to goodness. That can’t be a bad thing, right?


4 thoughts on “Teaching Boys to Cook

  1. Hey Andie, Andie here. Thanks for the well written forewarning! My son is 11, but he’s already 5’6″ and can eat his own body weight in pasta every day. I fear the teen years … might look into remortgaging when the time comes?!

  2. well I am one of those mommy’s boy who ‘threw’ me into the kitchen and had to learn to cook by myself starting of with the simple stuff (which I am end up loving to cook when I was studying abroad) and now, I am ‘throwing’ my sons into the kitchen to do that too and hopefully they appreciate the skills they will pick up. =)

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