So Judge Me #1

downloadIt occurred to me today that Jesus can’t have been the perfection-seeking, serious paragon I had always understood him to be. He hung out with sex workers and street people and would have been rejected straight up if he hadn’t cut it.

I hang out with street workers a few days a week in my role as support worker in a drop-in centre for women, and our clients are sweary, brash, naughtily irreverent and very, very funny. They have extremely low self esteem and lives controlled by addiction but they are raw and honest about why they work the streets. I don’t believe they can be so different to the women Jesus hung with. Interesting. Perhaps he preferred interacting with them to the “religious” people, like his disciples, who cared more about how the world perceived them? I know I do.

4 thoughts on “So Judge Me #1

  1. There were pharisees back then and there are even now. Jesus despised them then and I’m sure he does now too. Jesus was not about religion. And I have no doubt he would hang out with the same type of people even today. I despise the religious hypocrites. Am I being too harsh?

    • I don’t know. But I think if people use religion to bully others or control them it would not be a good look to Jesus. That’s why I love hanging with our women – they have such low expectations from the world because they think so badly of themselves, that when someone accepts them, right where they’re at, they are blown away.

      • What you are doing is exactly what Jesus is all about. So keep doing what you’re doing and before you know it you would have helped change many lives.

        I must get you this video link if I can find it of this lady from Nepal who was recognized at an international event for what she’s been doing for years to help young women.

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