Creating a New Reality

Lying low in long grass is how I would describe the last, long year of my life, even though an absolute heap of things have changed for me. New work, new house, new friends, along with a mass shedding of old friends – you sure find out who is genuine and true in your life when you face a crisis like a marriage break down – so much change in such a short time. But I am okay. And I am blogging again. It feels great. Welcome to my new reality. Welcome to Andie’s World.


6 thoughts on “Creating a New Reality

  1. Great to hear from you and know that you are your usual strong and gutsy self. I need to come to Melbourne and catch up with everyone. Thank you for sharing. Love, Roslyn

  2. You are such a strong woman i know…the changes and seasons added color, depth, beauty and resilience…hence certainly, it made you a better person. Thank you for sharing…Take care always…the more i admire and salute you…carry on…


  3. Andie, even though we don’t speak very often and it has been a long time since we have seen each other; I wanted to let you know how special you are for all the wonderful things you have done not only for me but others too! Your the big sister I never had and I love you very much. -Elizabeth.

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